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  • As every homeowner knows, it's not those little gadgets with the flashing lights that protect your home. It's the police station. You just need to make sure those gadgets are connected.

    A mezuzah on your doorpost works the same way - only that it's connected to a Higher Protection Agency. Much higher.

    In fact, that's how every mitzvah works - tefillin, Shabbat candles, Torah study, acts of kindness. Think of them as dedicated connections putting you online with the Infinite Server of All Things.

    Mezuzahs, however, have a special quality: They connect directly to the protection function. As the sages of the Talmud taught, put a mezuzah on your door and you're protected in your house and away. Now that's something no earthbound service offers.

    That's why, in 1974, when terrorism began to rise, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, declared a worldwide mezuzah blitz. Thanks to that campaign, mezuzahs are once again a standard feature on Jewish doorposts everywhere.

    Here at Chabad of the Crescenta Valley, we are happy to offer Mezuzahs to be brought and installed at your home or office! Not only that, but thanks to generous donors, we are delighted to offer one FREE Mezuzah to any Jewish home in the area that does not yet have one on their front door.

    For every additional Mezuzah we charge $50 per Mezuzah (cost price) - and installation remains free!

    Just fill out the form below and we will get your Mezuzah(s) to you as soon as we can! 

    For more information about Mezuzahs, click HERE

  • Mezuzah Order Form

  • Thanks to generous donors, we are pleased to offer one FREE Mezuzah to any Jewish home in the area that does not yet have a Mezuzah on their front door! Please check the box below if you would like a free Mezuzah for your front door.

    You can also order additional Mezuzahs for your home or office, as well as donate to this beautiful initiative by checking off the appropriate boxes below.

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