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Our Philosophy

Chabad Hebrew School is a contemporary learning center that caters to Jewish families from all walks of life. We welcome every Jewish child, regardless of religious background, religious affiliation, or prior knowledge. 

Our program is shaped by the belief that Jewish values and teachings are timeless and relevant to us all.

We believe that during the years of childhood, we build life-long habits, behaviors and attitudes. Every child has the ability to flourish when the learning environment is provocative, positive and developmentally-appropriate.

Our Goals

Chabad Hebrew School’s goal is to nurture within our students a love and appreciation for their Jewish heritage and a recognition that Judaism is relevant to their lives. We want to make Hebrew School the beginning of Jewish learning, not the end. 

As such, we’ve created an upbeat learning environment – creative lessons, exciting activities, and warm spaces – where our students can explore and gain the knowledge, values, [and skills] that comprise Jewish identity, and acquire a deep love for the land of Israel. We strive to ensure that every day of Hebrew School is meaningful and stimulating.

We are especially invigorated when we can work collaboratively with our families towards meeting this goal.