Rabbi Mendy, Mushka, and Baby Leba Grossbaum

Rabbi Grossbaum

Rabbi Mendy Grossbaum was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. Rabbi Mendy's parents are directors of Chabad of Indiana, a post they've held since being sent by the Lubavitcher Rebbe in the early 1980's. Rabbi Mendy had seen first hand what it means to be a rabbi, a leader, and perhaps more importantly–a man sympathetic to the needs and burdens of his community.

Rabbi Mendy's rabbinic studies have taken him across the globe. After spending seven years studying in Chicago, Illinois, Rabbi Mendy studied in Manchester England, Los Angeles, Brooklyn, Melbourne Australia, and finally in Jerusalem Israel where he served as a mentor for students studying at the Mayanot Yeshivah. There he received his rabbinic ordination from Rabbi Zalman Nechemia Goldberg of Blessed Memory.

After becoming a Rabbi, Rabbi Mendy took a post as elementary teacher in Yeshivas Darchai Menachem where he taught both eighth and third grade students. It is there that he met his wife Mushka Backman, who was living in Brooklyn at the time. After their wedding in Glendale, CA (Mushka's hometown) 
the couple lived in Brooklyn for ten months, and from there they moved to La Canada, CA to head Chabad of the Crescenta Valley.

Mushka Grossbaum 

Mushka grew up in Glendale, CA where her family serves as the Chabad shluchim of the area. She was involved with Chabad activities from a very young age, and always knew that one day she would open a Chabad house of her own.

As the eldest of nine children, early childhood education is a subject dear to Mushka’s heart. She pursued her passion by attending Beit Chana Teachers’ Seminary in Tzfat, Israel, as well as Beth Rivkah Division of Higher Learning in Brooklyn, NY. She is currently in the process of completing a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education.

Mushka’s involvement and interest in education led her to the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute, where she is a member of the curriculum development team