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  • Torah Studies brings you the tradition of classical Jewish learning in a series of enticing weekly classes. Each lesson probes into the depths of contemporary Torah thought, with a special focus on issues surrounding spirituality, the human psyche, love, and relationships. Every experience offers meaningful and timely lessons, from the most timeless of texts.

    You will walk away surprised, inspired, and knowing more about who we are as Jews, and who you are as an individual.

    As always, delicious Kosher refreshments will be served at each lesson. 

    Classes will be given by Rabbi Mendy Grossbaum.

    We offer a Zoom option for those that would like to take part in Torah Studies from home (see checkbox below personal info).

  • Schedule

  • Classes will take place every Thursday evening from 8 to 9 PM, at Chabad of the Crescenta Valley: 929 Descanso Drive, La Canada-Flintridge, CA, 91011.

    We do offer a zoom option for those who wish to partake remotely. 

    Quarter 1: October 7th - December 23rd (12 Classes)

    Quarter 2: January 6th - March 31st (12 Classes)

    Quarter 3: April 28th - July 14th (12 Classes)

    Quarter 4: July 21st - October 6th (12 Classes)


    The following is an intro to the first four lessons of the first quarter
    (October 7th - December 23rd):

    -Torah and Science: Best of Friends
    The Synthesis Runs a Lot Deeper Than You Think. Just Do it Right

    Many have grappled with the apparently irreconcilable differences between religion and science; "Religion is the domain of faith; science, that of reason," is a common attitude. A new read of when G-d disrupts a grand feat of modern engineering teaches a refreshing approach.

    -Lawless Leaders vs. Moral Mentors
    How Important Is Character to Being a Top Dog?

    When a leader’s star begins to rise, people tend to scrutinize their character. But how important are their personal morals anyway? After all, the main thing is getting the job done, right? The lengthy narrative of Abraham’s life story clues us in.

    -A Well of Love
    Sustainable Love Is a Quiet Affair

    To be "in love" is to be generous, wide open, and full of dreams. That’s a great first stepâ€"but it’s only the first step. Abraham, the first Jew, was a man of kindness, yet the wells of emotion he dug were ultimately stuffed up. It took his quiet, disciplined son, Isaac, to redig them and open them forever. It’s much the same in our lives, too.

    -Lose Your Audience and Feel Good About It
    Sometimes, It’s Best to Shrink Your Audience to Amplify Your Message

    Was there ever something you felt strongly about, yet kept to yourself for fear of losing your audience? It’s a tough call each time, and the divergent legacies of Abraham and his wife Sarah are quite instructional. Ultimately, it’s Sarah who wins the day.

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  • The fee for each quarter is $108 ($9 per class), and includes the student textbooks.

    If you would like to go class by class the fee is $18 per class, and does not include the student textbook ($10 for full book)

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  • Full quarter sign ups will be charged $108 the week of the first lesson.
    Week to week sign ups will be charged a one time fee of $10 for the student textbook, and $18 following each class that is attended.

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